Time of dinosaurs


The return of the first people who inhabited Morella

Discover the fascinating world of dinosaurs and their history in this museum, located next to the church of Sant Miquel. Morella and Els Ports is a land of strata that formed between the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous, between 146 and 98 million years. Water covered the valleys which have left abundant and valuable remains of marine and calcareous algae. In the Cretaceous, in the district of Morella, the evolution leads to the formation of clays, a feature that has allowed the presence of numerous dinosaur remains. For decades paleontologists have been exploring and discovering these treasures, dinosaur bones, highlighting the most commonly found and studied, the Iguanodon. In this museum you can enjoy a full-scale reproduction of this magnificent animal that lived on these lands. Next to the Iguanodon, Morella has much more paleontological remains from carnivorous theropods to large herbivores and ornithopods. The Museum Time of Dinosaurs is a journey to the center of the earth, where adults and children run through the fascinating world of geology and paleontology through the collection of fossils from the Cretaceous



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