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Olivos Milenarios Natural Museum

La Jana

With its 966 olivos milenarios (thousand year old olive trees) in an area of only 19.5km², La Jana has the highest known density of Olivos Milenarios (50/km²) and therefore has been adapted into a farm, in the “Pou del Mas”, and as a natural museum for olivos milenarios in order to visit the beautiful examples from which oil is obtained, authentic liquid gold, prepared by the Cooperativa les Alboredes de La Jana.

Engolidor, a ditch that channels rainwater from "la bassa llecuna" where it forms a whirlpool that disappears and reappears, it is said, in the "bufador" of the Castiullo de Peñíscola.

Seven massive oaks, two hackberries and a nice display of local flora grow around it.