San Juan Bautista Parish Church


Located in the centre of the village, this church has one large, tall and thin nave, and a barrel vaulted roof supported by magnificent transverse arches.

Upon entering, you can see four side chapels on the left hand side, and three on the right. The base of the 26 metre-tall majestic bell tower takes up the place where the fourth side chapel should be. The stairs that lead up to the choir and bell tower are located here.

The solidly constructed Corinthian building is in a Roman-Renaissance style.

On the outside, what stands out is its impressive size. Without a doubt, this is bigger than all other churches in the surrounding villages. Moreover, the plainness of its external walls is underlined by its lack of any decoration, giving it a sober and austere air. On the side opposite to the bell tower, you can admire the central vault’s large supporting buttresses.