Archaeological Sites

Pina de Montalgrao

Pina de Montalgrao has a large variety of archaeological sites dotted about within its village boundaries. Special attention should be paid to the “Torre del Prospinal o Huguet 2”, which has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest.


Torre del Prospinal o Huguet 2

This defensive Iberian tower dates back to sometime between 400 and 200 B.C. It is built on rocks and is surrounded by a wall made of large stone blocks. It is located in the Hoya de Huguet, a section of the high plateau between El Toro and Barracas, and there are numerous less notable towers nearby (between 50 and 100 metres away). The building is almost square -around seven metres on each side- and measures 2.30 m in height.        It is located at an altitude of 1022 m, next to the dual carriageway that runs from Sagunto to Teruel. It may have fallen within the zone of influence of the old settlement of Arse/Saguntum and was possibly involved in the military events of the Second Punic War and later Roman military operations.


As well as this, other interesting sites are:


Torre de los Castillejos o Huguet 1

Torre de la Maceta o Huguet 3

Torre de la Orellana o Huguet 4

La Rochuela o El Castillico

Umbria Mala

Cerro del Castillo

El Cerrico Redondo

El Cerro de la Moneda

El Limbo

Los Villares

Poblado de la hoya Huguet