St. Roch Chapel


It was built by Compañía Central de Aragón, the same company that built the Valencia - Calatayud railway.

The original chapel was not at the current site in the Martín-López area but rather had been demolished so the railway line could pass through.  The current one was built as compensation.

The one standing today is a simple masonry building with ashlar stone on the corners featuring a single nave with three segments, an entrance porch at the feet and three semi-circular arches. It’s got buttresses on the outside, a gable roof and bell gable over the entrance. The orientation is noteworthy as it doesn’t coincide with the Christian church tradition that had been upheld until the 20th century. The chevet of this chapel is oriented towards the West instead of the East.

There’s a procession to this chapel every 15th August.


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