The Circumcision of Christ Parish Church


An example of Valencian Baroque architecture, the temple dates back to the 17th century and was built following Corinthian order guidelines. The temple is free-standing on three of its sides and the layout is a Latin cross with three naves and a transept. Made of masonry brickwork, it’s reinforced with ashlar on the corners. The buttresses can be observed protruding above the sides naves, which are lower in height than the central one. The roof is tiled with a dome in the transept.​

The main facade of the church is a smooth plastered wall, topped with a small cornice around the front of the bell tower. On the facade, there’s a stone altarpiece-like neoclassical door with two segments: the lower one where the door is framed by pilasters with capitals (in the shape of a spiral) supporting the smooth lintel, topped by a wide cornice; and the upper one, which has a rectangular central hole and lateral pilasters supporting the triangular pediment with a pinnacle.