Ayódar Castle


The remains of a 15th century defensive tower (watchtower) of Muslim origin that was part of the old castle of Ayodar.

The Ayódar Castle stands above a promontory near the town on the other side of the River Ayódar. It’s comprised of several areas which were gradually turned into a stately castle.

Nowadays, it’s in a rather precarious state except for the quadrangular keep which is in average conditions. The rest of the extremely devastated structures are hidden under all the vegetation. There were at least three floors inside the tower and likely a fourth. The thickness of the walls decreases with each floor. The remains of a staircase are supported on the corner made up of the south and east walls. There are windows on all the floors. It was cladded on the inside with lime mortar and sand.

On the Fuente Larga road.



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Opposite the town centre towards the southeast.

It’s 500 metres from the town.

Ayódar Castle, visit old medieval structures