Torre del Homenaje

Declared of cultural interest - Chodos / Xodos

Torre del Homenaje.

The remains of the Castillo de Xodos are found in the upper part of the village on a cliff more than 79 m high. The fortified village was entrusted with the responsibility of protecting, guarding and defending the valley, which was an excellent natural channel of communication.

The only remains still preserved are a part of its walls, the base of some towers and the lower section of the large tower keep. It is built on la Roca, a large section of protruding land which finds its cliff wall on its eastern side. It is located above the meadow below, upon which is built the village of Xodos.

While the tower can be accessed, it involves an uphill walk since the streets in the upper part of the village are too narrow and steep for cars. Despite not having found any documentation regarding its origin, we can it narrow down to the 11th and 12th centuries, during the Taifas’ era, since it was in this period that the north and west of the province were under Moorish occupation. It is a cubic tower that has half collapsed. It also does not have a roof as, being made of wood, it was lost over time. Only the four outer walls are still standing and they are in very bad condition. The inside of the construction has been overrun by vegetation.