Sanctuary of the Virgin of Ortisella


A chapel located in a place it’s named after, some two kilometres from the town centre.  When heading towards Vistabella, you take the path on the right that goes down to the Ortisella valley, where the chapel sits right in front of the trunk of a thousand-year-old elm tree, a fountain and some picnic areas. The chapel was built in 1567.  Throughout history, it has undergone several expansion and remodelling projects such as the construction of the sacristy in 1853, all the way to the 20th century when the inn was built. Opposite the chapel is an esplanade presided over by the hollow trunk of an extremely old colossal elm tree. As an anecdote, the story is up to 7 people could play inside it plus another who would hand out wine to all the players. The chapel is surrounded by three fountains: Dalt, Baix and Darrere.

A number of visits and romerias are organized throughout the year especially including: the first Sunday of May, Whit Monday and 8th September, coinciding with the town’s patron saint festivities.



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3 km from the town towards Vistabella.