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This defensive building is now a stately complex. 

The complex is formed by four sections situated around the patio. The section which houses the main façade is the oldest and tallest of the group, and it contains the noblest rooms of the house. The other sections house the various service areas: stables, hay loft, etc. The porch of one of these sections stands out, formed by pointed arches. Another interesting element is the porticoed corridor on the first floor, made from a 16th-century wooden structure.

Entrance to the castle is through a barbican. All the walls are topped with crenels, carried out in the mid-20th century. The outer construction is of stone masonry, while the slabs are made of timber beams filled with plaster. All of them are in good condition.

Its roof has curved tiles atop a round wooden structure, which is bound together with beams and torches. It is currently inhabited and furnished, and contains very interesting carpentry and decorative elements. (Catàleg del Patrimoni Arquitectònic Els Ports de Morella y la Tinença de Benifassar. Although it is a private property, it can be visited if booked in advance.