Parish Church

La Torre d' En Besora

Located at the highest part of the town, it’s dedicated to the patron saint of La Torre d'En Besora, St. Bartholomew.

The parish church stands over the spot where another one once was, which would have been the primitive church in this town. There’s a small door inside the temple with a round arch and an inscription indicating the date 1528. This door was possibly the entrance to the small first temple and now leads to the sacristy.

The current St. Bartholomew parish church was built in the early 18th century.  An inscription with the date 1702 can be seen on the main semi-circular door used to enter this church.

A number of pieces remaining from the old walled enclosure surrounding part of the town of Torre d’En Besora were used to build this church and they can be seen “in situ”. In fact, this temple seems more like a fortified building, especially at the back where visitors can see the base of sections of the wall which was allegedly of Arab origin.

This church holds historic and valuable parish archives.