Saint Michael the Archangel Parish Church

Canet lo Roig

At the highest part of the town stands the Saint Michael the Archangel Church fortress.

The first church was built in 1288 in a late Romanesque style. Based on the remains still conserved, it seems to have been oriented east to west. Later on, the church underwent two remodelling projects.  Despite this, its medieval temple-fortress character can be observed in the Gothic battlements over the southern door and over the southwest corner of the building. Another medieval feature is the roof which still has a sentry walk. 

The church was rebuilt in the 16th century, circa 1570, right in the middle of the Renaissance. It was later remodelled in 1795. Nowadays, the church has a single nave as an outstanding architectural ensemble.  Particularly worth highlighting is the bell tower. The semi-circular dome was recently repaired.  It was originally built in the late 18th century along with the Communion chapel.