St. Laurence Parish Church

Castell de Cabres

This parish church has three naves with three segments at the same height, a transept, a choir loft and a bell tower. The central nave is covered by sail vaults and the sides with groined vaults. This architectural combination is rather unique and not so common in Els Ports.

The ashlar bell tower is at the foot on the side of the epistle built into the temple. It’s an interesting square-floor tower with the set of bells flanked by pilasters.  This bell tower is topped by a cross.

One of the distinguishing features of this church is the popular and bright pictorial decor on the inside which has been almost fully conserved. The walls and vaults still have the original stucco and fresco paintings. Garland lines the frieze and the top of the pilasters. The four evangelists are represented on the pendentives and the four Great Latin Fathers and four cardinal virtues on the vaults.