Museum of Old Professions


Museum of Old Professions

The Vallibona Amics association, or Friends association, has inspired the creation of the first museum in this village located in the Els Ports region. This was accomplished in collaboration with local government, and is a museum dedicated to ancient trades and professions.

Around thirty puppets have been set up in different scenes in the area that used to be occupied by the “escola de xiques” school. These scenes evoke some of the old regular occupations of people when Vallibona’s population was more than a thousand.

Here you can observe a blacksmith, a group of women making headscarves, others making black pudding after the “matança del porc” or killing of the swine, a worker pulling at a wooden horse, laundry women, weavers... Likewise, another scene depicts a teacher, with their incredibly old teacher’s desk, giving a class to two students. This reminds viewers of the old function of this room, which was recently restored and is provided by the local council.

The residents of Vallibona have started to donate some old utensils to add what is missing to the ethnological museum. The museum also exhibits paintings of the village by Ernesto Querol.



In the old centre of the town.

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