Museum Collection of Vilafranca

Villafranca del Cid / Vilafranca

Museum Collection of Vilafranca

The Gothic building of the Village Hall, built between the 13th and 14 centuries, housed the Village Council of Real Vila de Vilafranca until 2001. That year, it was decided to shift the municipal offices to another building on Avenida del Losar, although the municipal corporation continues to hold meetings in the sessions hall.

Since then, it has held the Tourism Office of Vilafranca, along with several halls that visitors can explore:

- “LLUÍS EDO” HALL OF PALEONTOLOGY. It consists of a collection of fossils donated by an inhabitant of Vilafranca. The aim of this hall is to provide visitors with information regarding the creatures that have left behind their fossil imprint.

- HALL OF MINERALOGY: Also built thanks to donations made by Lluís Edo. It displays a variety of minerals and the visitor can comprehend how they were formed, what are their defining characteristiscs and their uses.

- HALL OF EXHIBITIONS: A multi-functional space that can be used for temporary exhibitions.

- SESSIONS HALL The sessions hall is an important part of the building, as plenary meetings are still held here. It also houses an altarpiece created by the artist Valentí Montoliu in 1455, dedicated to the Virgin of Losar, the patron saint of Vilafranca.

Some of the building spaces have also been put to other uses. The lower regions of this building, for example, which are small and were formerly used as a storage section, housed for a long time, the town’s music school, known as the Unió Musical de Vilafranca today, until the current Casa de la Música was built

Another use of this building is related to the village’s Primary Schools. It seems that Vilafranca had two primary schools, before the Law of 9 September 1857 on education came into force. Thus, in the late 19th century, The nursery school was located in the former grain storage section of the Sala de la Vila, which would later be the Secretariat, and the Tourism Office today. It was later shifted to the ground floor of La Lonja building. The girls’ school was housed in multiple locations, one of which was known as the Casa de la Maestra, and after the renovation work on the Town Hall, became part of the building.


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