Ermita de San Domingo


The Ermita de San Domingo is located at a distance of 12 km from Vallibona. It is said that it was built, or that San Vicente Ferrer pressed for it to be built, in the second decade of the 15th century. However, documents make reference to San Domènech de Vallibona as early as 1289. The ermita, or small church, is a magnificent monastic complex. The whole ermitorio complex, or hermitage, surrounds a four-sided paved square with a cistern in the middle. The square’s paved area is made of mud slabs. Some pieces of the Gothic altarpiece of San Domènec have recently been recovered and restored. It was first created for the ermita and later moved to the parish church. This altarpiece fits perfectly within the renamed Maestrazgo School of art (first third of the 15th century)