Patron Saint Festivities

In honour of the Holy Sepulchre, the Virgen de Montserrat and San Roque Festivities are held on the second Sunday of October. Its origin starts by the tradition of thanking the patron saints at the end of harvesting in the summer season. During these festivities, bull runs, brotherhood meals and street parties usually take place. On the first Sunday of the festivities, a mass is given and the acts in honour of San Roque are held; the Monday is aimed at the homage to the Virgen de Montserrat, being the big moment of the party on Tuesday, which is dedicated to the Holy Sepulchre. During this day, a major mass is given in honour of the saint, and the day concludes a solemn procession to the chapel with the transfer of the image by costaleros after parading with all the locals around the main streets of the municipality.

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