Patron Saint Celebrations

These celebrations take place in August, during the week of the Sunday that is closest to the 24th.

This festival is held in honour of Bartholomew the Apostle, worshipped on 24 August, and San Redento, who is worshipped on the following Monday, the final day of the celebrations.

Each day is dedicated to and/or organized by/for a group, except the weekend, which is dedicated to the public in general. These groups include women, retired persons, children, hunters and syndicates.

The festival includes liturgical ceremonies, food and cooking competitions, baking the pastada (a type of pastry) in the village oven, bullfights, theatre performances, concerts, music, magic etc. The wide range of activities tries to bring the village’s different art forms together for an entertaining week to be enjoyed as a community.

The most anticipated activity is the Todolella war dance and the les Gitanetes dance, which take place on Sunday, the main celebratory day, at 6 in the afternoon in the main square.

These celebrations are normally organized by a festival committee, a group of volunteers, with the close collaboration of the village council.

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