Piló de la Creu procession

The Piló de la Creu procession is less known, but preserves some elements of the general structure of the one of the Pilgrims, since the guide, the three singers, the clavarios, the priest, the representative of the City Council and the keeper go on a pilgrimage, but now this is only allowed to women and children.

They all go up while praying to the Piló de la Creu, a geographical spot from which the towns of Adzaneta and Les Useres are seen and blessed. When going down, they pass the Font del Mestre and the Font de la Presola, where the participants and their companions can have a snack, having given out the traditional fogasseta de la Creu, the orelletes with honey and the honey omelette.

This unique rogation dates back to many centuries ago, since it is mentioned in the dispute with Atzeneta (17th century) on the 3rd day of May, Invención de la Santa Cruz festivity. It has been recovered nowadays as it was before, after having been idled for 30 years, taking place on the following weekend to the Pilgrims.

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