San Antonio

San Antonio

The festival of Sant Antoni, characteristic of the region of Els Ports, takes place in January, and features the traditional bonfire and the distribution of coquetas, a type of pastry.

The handmade coquetas are baked in the old village oven by the village women. The festival starts on Thursday with the baking of the coquetas which are filled with pumpkin jam, and pines and thickets are cut down to make the scaffold for the bonfire. In the evening, the first dinner of the festival is held to thank all those who have contributed to the festivities.

On Friday, the firewood needed for the bonfire is chopped. On Saturday morning, the scaffold is constructed and in the evening the traditional show narrating the story of Sant Antoni is held (with a theatrical performance showing how the devil tried to trick the saint). The coquetas are distributed and, finally, the scaffold is burned. On Sunday, a mass is held in honour of the saint and a meal is eaten in the village square by all residents, bringing the festival to a close.

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