Patron Saint Celebrations

Vila-real celebrates two weeks of festivities a year, in honour of the patron saints of the city of San Pascual Baylón and the Virgin of Grace, with an ambitious schedule that includes both devotional events and performances, contests, concerts, the bou per la vila y embolat or the traditional Nit de Xulla, held on festive Mondays with bonfires in the streets where the people of Vila-real cook and taste the typical grilled meat that gives its name to this popular festivity.

San Pascual is celebrated around the week of 17 May, day of the patron saint, with 10 days of celebrations and activities in the streets and peñas of the city.  In the schedule stands out the San Pascual bonfire of the Saint day’s eve, preceded by the flower tribute.

The Virgin of Grace festivities start with a pilgrimage from the Hermitage on the Friday before the first Sunday of September to transfer the image of the patron saint to the city,which will be returned the Sunday of the following week after 10 days of hectic activity, music and celebration. 

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