Santo Antonio Pilgrimage

These festivities are held during the closest weekend to the date of the Saint’s day, on 17 January. The cultural association “Genets y carreters” organise the traditional animal parade in the Plaza de Nuestra Señora. de la Asunción. Horses, dogs, cats, fish, canaries, turtles... and an endless amount of animals go to the main streets in town in the inclusive San Antonio parade. The parish priest blesses each participating animal as it goes by, and gives a San Antonio sweet roll (a blessed sweet bread roll) to the owner, which is, according to tradition, a gift of health and wellness. 

The annual Sant Antoni lunch is held on Sunday, in the San José spot, with the music of "Dulzaina y Tabal" (pipe and drum). Then, the pilgrimage to the San Antonio Hermitage starts, along with the venerated Saint born on the pilgrims’ shoulders. Once the pilgrimage is finished, a humble mass is given at the chapel. Afterwards, sandwiches for lunch are shared amongst the attendees. In addition, pilgrims may have a glass of red wine, which springs from a fountain located in the vicinity of the Hermitage. The attendees also receive a handkerchief with the image of the Saint, “Sant Antoni Abad”, as a souvenir.


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