Seawater Spas

Thalassotherapy: The use of sea water for health and well-being. And what better than the Mediterranean Sea's waters in Castellón?

The Mediterranean Sea provides the thalassotherapy centres in Castellón with sea water that they use to be able to offer a wide range of treatments that are beneficial for your mind and body. The province of Castellón is the Mediterranean that you deserve.


What is a thalassotherapy centre? 

Thalassotherapy is the simultaneous use of the benefits of marine elements with a preventative or curative aim, in a marine environment and under specialised medical supervision. These elements are: the marine bio-climate - sea water - mud - seaweed - sand, and all other substances that come from the sea such as plankton and phytoplankton. Thus, it is a natural cure in which the ensemble of properties from the marine environment come together to provide health benefits. Furthermore, it allows for the therapeutic use of other marine resources: sea mud, seaweed and sand from the beaches can all be used in this therapy.
Effects of sea water: the effect of physical action (weight decreases by 90%), effect of thermal action (causes pain relief and muscular relaxation) and the effect of chemical action (facilitates the different minerals and trace elements being absorbed by the skin).

Thalassotherapy Centres