The Sueras area is mountainous, given its location in the final foothills of the Sierra de Espadan, where the terrain lowers gradually, and more so on the way to the Plana, or plains. Sueras has many interesting spots for visitors, such as its springs.

The Fuente de Castro is very well-known in the region, due to the quality of its water, and for the marvellous surrounding vegetation, which is made up of dense oak and pine forests. It is a spectacular spring, as much due to its number of water tubes (16) as to the great amount of water that flows from them. It also has a recreational area.

Fuente de “Benalises”

Fuente de la Bocamina. This 19th-century underground passage was built to channel the water from various natural springs towards this point. It provides the village with water.

Fuente de Cantalobos.

Fuente del “Corral Blanc”.

Fuente del Rio.

Fuente de Hilario.

Fuente de la Carretera.

Fuente de “La Figuera”.

Fuente “La Placida”.

Fuente “La Teula”.

Fuente “Masó”.

Fuente del “Nogal”.

Fuente de “Serafino”.

Fuente de “La Solsida”.

Fuente "dels Ullals”.

Fuente "de l'Avellaner".