Cave of the Bull

Alcudia de Veo

On it its inside sprouts the Fuente del Toro. Its mouth of 3 by 1.5 metres makes way for a flooded tunnel of 22 metres long by 2 metres wide. At its South-western edge it is siphoned, continuing along a fork that after 15 metres, has a temporarily siphoned narrow section that leads into a 30 x 2.5 x 3 metre tunnel occupied by a lake. At its end, at some 35 metres, the tunnel is siphoned. You can pass through the siphon along a side and upper path. After it, you can continue climbing to a 2.5 metre waterfall which gives way to an area with several inactive upper tunnels, flowing the river along the lowest and narrow level. Then the tunnels heads more upwards, siphoned in a lake after climbing a 3.5 metre slope. Currently 2 more siphons have been overcome.

Materials: Neoprene, acetylene and water-resistant electric lighting.