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Valltorta – Gasulla Cultural Park

UNESCO World Heritage Site - Albocàsser , Ares del Maestrat , Benassal , Catí , Culla , Les Coves de Vinromà , Morella , Tírig , Vilar de Canes

The Valltorta – Gasulla Cultural Park encompasses the municipalities of Albocàsser, Ares del Maestre, Benassal, Catí, Les Coves de Vinromá, Culla, Morella, Tírig and Vilar de Canes. These municipalities that are home to the best Levantine Rock Art in the province of Castellón, in a close environment with a vocation of protecting, promoting and valuing this unique world heritage.

The fact that this heritage site is immersed in a Mediterranean landscape with heights that range from 400 to 1300 m, has enabled the interaction with human groups from the pre-historic era, as attested by the rock art, archaeological settlements and dry stone constructions, which are characteristic of the region's agricultural activities.

The Cultural Park, which belongs to the Valencian government (Generalitat Valenciana), aims to protect the displays of rock art which are part of our heritage and to boost social and economic development of the area by means of cultural tourism.


The Valltorta - Gasulla Cultural Park contains 39 collections of rock art and 54 archaeological settlements in a rural socio-economic environment, with a dense, high quality heritage that provides it with an incalculable value as a cultural landscape.

The Valltorta Cultural Park is an essential tool for social, economic and tourism development in the municipalities located in the are, based on the conservation and promotion of a unique historical and cultural heritage, which will be a comprehensive heritage management model.


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