Traiguera Parish Museum


Opened to the public in 1969 and installed in one of the sacristies of the temple, it is one of the most prominent in the province and it guards pieces of exceptional artistic value.

There are more than 20 pieces of gold work, of which, it is important to highlight:

- The main processional cross, with enamel, carved between April 1415 and January 1419 by Bernardo Santalinea Astruch.

- The Papa Luna processional cross, made from gilded silver and rock crystal, made between 1395-1415.

Stone carvings are also on display: late 14th century Gothic capitals from the original Ermita de la Virgen, Jesus in the arms of Mary from 1850, from the cross covered by the Sanctuary, Roman coins, ceramics, and a very interesting Venetian bone and ivory casket from the 15th century Italian Renaissance, made by the workshops of Embriachi el Viejo.




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On the inside of the of Parish Church.