Parish Museum


It offers a very valuable display about the history of the Parish, the Church and the Virgen de Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso. The clothes of the Virgen and the chalices and the parish relics stand out.

The majestic baroque façade was blessed in 1791. Its inside is cloistered, with three naves and Corinthian order columns, with a spacious cross and a high dome. It is dedicated to the beheading of Saint John the Baptist and its baroque façade is notable with burnished marble columns and a notable sculpture of Saint John the Baptist, work all by the sculptor Cristóbal Maurat y Marco (1755-1817), a neighbour of the town. 

It is one of the largest temples in the diocese and it has been restored since 1957 until today. It has a robust and beautiful unfinished bell tower. 




Only at parties, fairs and cultural days.