St. Peter Apostle Parish


A parish church dedicated to St. Peter Apostle in academic Baroque style. It was built starting in 1792 under Bishop Lorenzo Gómez de Haedo.  It’s made of ashlar and masonry, with buttresses above the side chapels which are only visible on the gospel side. It’s got a mixtilinear facade at the base with scrolls on the sides and a ball finish. The lintelled doorway is framed by pilasters with a Tuscan capital and upper architrave body. The niche is finished with a curved pediment, volutes framed by Ionic pilasters and pyramidal bodies. The interior features a basilica floor plan with three naves divided into four sections and a transept, with pillar and pilaster supports and semi-circular arches in the naves. The roofing system consists of barrel vaulting with lunettes in the central nave and arms of the transept, sail vaulting in the side naves, a half-barrel vault with coffered ceilings in the apse and in the sacristy, and a raised dome on pendentives with windows on the drum framed by pilasters. The choir is high at the base of the central rise and features a drop front. The bell tower was made of brick and is located on the base on the gospel side.  It is comprised of four segments. It has got mural paintings of excellent workmanship created between 1795 and 1797. It’s conserved the parish archives since 1939.