Calvary Chapel


Located on the top of a hill next to the town centre.

Christ on the Cross, acquired by the parish in 1940. Its creator is not known. It depicts the figure of Jesus nailed to the Cross with a crown of golden metal lightning bolts. The old image of the Brotherhood was burned during the Spanish Civil War in 1936. Ribesalbes Calvary

The chapel is a modest construction. It is square and topped with a dome, to which a rectangular space with a low vault has been added, as well as an annex on each side. The interior houses the image of Christ on the Cross, to whom people profess great devotion and frequently visit to light candles.
Notable elements include its alcoves or Stations of the Cross, which have handmade ceramic decorations. 

The Brotherhood, in addition to participating in the festivities of Holy Week, also accompanies the image of Christ during all the patron saint festivals that are celebrated during the first week of October. On the Saturday before this week, a procession brings down the image from the Calvary chapel to the parish church. It remains there until the Tuesday of the celebrations, when the festival of the Most Holy is celebrated. On the night before the local festival of Ribesalbes, the penitent procession is held, which accompanies the image of Christ once again to the chapel. This traditional procession is a testament to the deep devotion of the people of Ribesalbes to Christ. Upon their arrival at the ermita, they sing “Els Goigos” to Christ, which is a three voice monodical song in which they praise Christ on the Cross and ask for protection for the village for the year to come.