Iberian Ruins on Monte Mollet

Sant Joan de Moró

The Christian origins of the town can be seen in the Castell del Moró, which establishes the town’s existence in 1,100 A.D. It is a settlement nestled in Tossal del Mollet, at around 704 metres in altitude.

This settlement was excavated in 1977 by André Bazzana and Pierre Guichard and it also gained interest, thanks to the work of the distinguished Valencian naturalist José Antonio Cavanilles, around 1795.

The remains of the settlement cover an uneven area of approximately 500 metres. The remains of some fortifications can be seen in the north-east section of the site, while the southern section is where the residents would have lived. It is a truly interesting archaeological complex, both for its strategic location and the ease with which each of the important areas of the settlement can be distinguished: a villa, an acropolis, and a rectangular castle which was in use from around the 5th century to the 9th century.