Our Lady of the Angels Church

Cortes de Arenoso

Baroque in style, it was completed in 1585. It has several carvings and altarpieces of interest; in particular, the Gothic panel of the Souls or St. Gregory Mass, and the image of the Virgen of the Rosary. There’s one nave with side chapels between buttresses and a three-sided apse.  It’s covered by a star-shaped cross vault with tiercerons and liernes; the most complicated one is found in the presbytery. The main doorway on the side is under a wide round arch with a cross-ribbed roof.  It’s an altarpiece type door and is dated 1585. There’s also another simpler door. Some remains of the organ, dating back to 1775 and the work of Martín Usarla, can be seen.



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Our Lady of the Angels Church (Cortes de Arenoso), a cultural visit