Torre árabe (Navajas)


This is an 11th-century guard and communications tower. It has a conical trunk measuring 15.50 m in height and exterior circumference of 21 m. It is topped by ten crenels that each measure 1.5 m in height.

Its origins are not known, however it is thought that its foundations are Roman, corresponding to a settlement from that era found in the area. It may have been used by the people of that settlement, given that a branch of the Vía Augusta, which is today the road to Teruel, passed very close to the tower. Forcada Martí believes that in the Medieval Age it was a frontier tower linked to the Castillo de Segorbe. The tower is found on a small hill overlooking the village. From there you can see the Torre del Malpaso in Castellnovo. This cone-shaped tower is topped with a crown of crenels. It is 14 metres tall plus one and a half metres due to the height of crenels, and it measures approximately 21 metres in circumference at its base. Its interior is divided into five floors. The main entrance is slightly raised above the ground and it has various distinct openings in its structure.