St. Bartholomew’s Chapel

Villahermosa del Río

St. Bartholomew’s Chapel in Villahermosa del Río, in the local region of Alto Mijares in Castellón is a place of worship that has been generally declared a Heritage Site of Local Relevance.

The chapel is located some 8 kilometres from the town of Villahermosa del Río.  You can get there on the road CV-1960.  More or less halfway there, is the hamlet La Masada which extends to road CV-190 which joins Cortes de Arenoso and Zucaina, at the crossing with San Vicente de Piedrahita. It was built between the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

It’s one of the most monumental sanctuaries in the local region of Alto Mijares and possibly one of the most popular. The area has been enhanced by building rural cabins and a recreational area with facilities such as paella pans, picnic tables, drinking water, etc.

The sanctuary complex is made up of several buildings in addition to the actual chapel, such as the caretaker’s house and the inn (now, a rural hotel).



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15 minutes by car, towards San Vicente