The first bullfight in Vinaròs took place in 1852, with the participation of the gang of “el Relojero”. In 1863, the first wooden municipal bullring was built. However, it was dismantled in order to build the present bullring, which was opened during the Festival of St. Joan and St. Pere in 1891. The Marquis de La Figuera and Fuente el Sol financed its construction. In 1920, D. E. Torres bought the bullring, as it needed to be restored due to its poor conditions. The new bullring was inaugurated during the fair and festivities of that year. The last restoration works were completed in 2003, giving the bullring its current appearance. We should note its location, as it is the closest bullring to the sea of the entire peninsula. 


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Opening Hours: Winter from 9'00 to 16'00 h. / Summer from 9'00 to 16'00 h. and from 18'00 to 21'00 h.