“La Fábrica” Museum

Cinctorres - Cinctorres

“La Fábrica” Museum

Museum located in an old textile factory (Fábrica Artola), created thanks to anonymous donors and above all to José Querol and his family who are the architects, patrons and owners of this museum.

In the factory you can see a large number of farming implements, tools for the collection and production of wine, everyday utensils, carpentry tools, primitive looms, etc. All the exhibited pieces are more than 50 years old and they reflect the daily reality of yesteryear in Els Ports region.

The museum has explanatory cards of each object in which the name of the object as it was called in Cinctorres and its equivalent in Spanish is stated.




You must arrange prior appointment with the owners by calling 964 181 152 or 964 20 52 43.