The Rinconá Site


The Ribesalbes archaeological site is located in the Miocene basin of Ribesalbes-Alcora, nestled in the Iberian System (the mountains in the east of Spain) and located on some Mesozoic sediment. Various researchers have divided the site into five main sections. One of these consists of a succession of over 100 metres of overlaid, thick and foul-smelling dolomites interspersed between various loamy levels of ground and dark sandstone.

These dolomitic levels contain fossils of plants, arthropods, molluscs and vertebrates which correspond to the sediment deposits found deeper in the lake. The site has been dated to the early Miocene period and is, so far, the only site in the Valencian Community which corresponds to the rare Konservat-Lagertätte sites, which are characterised by the types of fossils they contain and their exceptional state of conservation. These sites are a rarity in the world and many studies have been conducted on them in recent years.

Since 1990, Peñalver Mollá (an expert in palaeontology) has been conducting a series of exhaustive studies on the paleontology of the Ribesalbes Site and has discovered three new species of insects: Pronothochrysa vivesi, Oligaesaha saurai and Sympecma Ribesalbesensis.


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