Corbó Castle

Declared a Site of Cultural Interest - Benassal

The castle was erected over a Bronze settlement which was later occupied in the Iberian and Roman age. There was a Muslim settlement at the feet. It’s a rock structure with a single walled enclosure featuring twin square barbican towers and a larger tower with a cistern.

The wall, of which very few remains can be seen, must have been small since the location made its construction necessary.

Access is from the south over a very steep slope as well as from the north, where the entrance is located. According to popular legend, the castle has an underground connection to the cave located at the foot of the mountain from where a fountain springs up.  It is also said to hide great treasures.




More information

It’s 10 km from the town towards Villafranca.

Difficult to access since it’s on a mountain near the road 1060 m in altitude over sea level.