Nostra Tower or Torrenova

Declared a Site of Cultural Interest - Torreblanca

It was originally an isolated tower.

The first families began arriving in 1875 and they built the first homes in line with the tower, facing the sea.  Nowadays, it’s surrounded by flats.

It has an 8.70 metre long by 9 metre high square floor plan. The lime mortar masonry walls are a metre thick with ashlar bordering the corners and in the gaps.

Lime and sandstone were used for this structure. The sandstone is on the corners (every three rows) and on the ashlar cornice. The rest of the corners are made of limestone. There were once cylindrical machicolations on the four corners and another over the entrance door.

It’s four stories high with a ground floor, two upper floors and a rooftop. The inside had a spiral staircase on the western end.

The door opened towards Oropesa, now covered by an adjacent structure, was made of wood and cladded with iron. There were two windows on each section and the lower ones were embrasures.