Nevera de Cuatro Caminos


This cold store is located in the Cuatro Caminos area, at a height of 880 m.

It is not particularly well preserved.

This circular cold store is located on the north-eastern hillside. The store’s outer diameter measures 11 metres. The free-standing section is partly on the south-western slope and mostly on the north-eastern slope. Because of this, it is surrounded by restraints made from the material gathered when digging the well. The walls are 0.65 metres thick and made of limestone stonework and mortar. They were built using the mud wall technique. The well measures 9.60 metres in diameter and is10.60 metres deep at its deepest point. Its estimated capacity is around 800 m³. The roof was supported by two parallel arches, one of which is in ruins. The bays in the wall that used to house its brackets can still be seen. This arch had buttresses at both ends. The brackets of the arch that is still standing are about 4.30 metres above the actual level of the bottom of the well. This arch is in a lowered section and 8 ashlars make up its central keystones. The remains of a stone masonry partition can be seen on top of the arch. The two arches must have supported a tiled roof (perhaps a vault), since various remains of Moorish tiling have been found in the surroundings. The cold store had two access points. One door is in the southern section, at slope-level, and is at present very twisted due to the deterioration of the wall. The other is oriented towards the North and access to it is provided by a trench dug into the slope that surrounds the store. It opens up around 3.30 metres above the level of the base, and to get there you have to pass by a cone of debris that has formed. The door is in a trumpet-shaped section and is covered by an arch. Above it, there is a trunk through the wall, which means it appears on the inside of the well, where a pulley hung to take water from the well.