Pilgrimage to the Ermitas of L’Alcora

The path by the ermitas, or small churches, is celebrated on the Saturday after Easter Sunday and takes place on the road PR-120.

The route runs through the old paths and roads that connect much of L’Alcora’s municipal boundaries together. It is a very useful route for discovering the different landscapes that are home to the 95 km² of land within L’Alcora’s boundaries. The roughly 30 kilometre-long route is the following:
 -  Start: 06:00, in the Ermita del Calvario
 -  Ermita de San Joaquín y Santa Ana (Araia)
 -  Mas del Rogle (lunch)
 -  Ascent to Torremundo (717 m), the highest point within the town’s land
 -  Ermita de San Cristóbal
 -  Ermita de San Vicente (food and traditional L’Alcora dishes, such as the “olleta de dijuni”, a soup dish, or the “conill amb tomata i caragols”, a tomato, snail and rabbit dish)
 -  Iglesia de San Miguel (la Foia)
 -  Ermita del Salvador and the Castillo de l’Alcalatén
 -  The river meadow, fuente de la Pelejana fountain, Baix la Vila and the entrance to the town centre through the Portal de Verdera (14th century)
 -  The pilgrimage ends in the Iglesia Parroquial de la Asunción.

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