Pilgrimage to the Ermitas of L’Alcora

The path by the ermitas, or small churches, is celebrated on the Saturday after Easter Sunday and takes place on the road PR-120.

The route runs through the old paths and roads that connect much of L’Alcora’s municipal boundaries together. It is a very useful route for discovering the different landscapes that are home to the 95 km² of land within L’Alcora’s boundaries. The roughly 30 kilometre-long route is the following:
Start: 06:00, in the Ermita del Calvario
Ermita de San Joaquín y Santa Ana (Araia)
Mas del Rogle (lunch)
Ascent to Torremundo (717 m), the highest point within the town’s land
Ermita de San Cristóbal
Ermita de San Vicente (food and traditional L’Alcora dishes, such as the “olleta de dijuni”, a soup dish, or the “conill amb tomata i caragols”, a tomato, snail and rabbit dish)
Iglesia de San Miguel (la Foia)
Ermita del Salvador and the Castillo de l’Alcalatén
The river meadow, fuente de la Pelejana fountain, Baix la Vila and the entrance to the town centre through the Portal de Verdera (14th century)
The pilgrimage ends in the Iglesia Parroquial de la Asunción.


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