San Vicente Pilgrimage

This festival takes place on the Monday eight days after Easter Sunday, in the Ermita de San Vicente and its surroundings.

The San Vicente Pilgrimage is very popular in L’Alcora, and brings the cycle of early-Spring festivities to a close (Holy Week, Easter, San Vicente).

The official procession departs from the church at dawn. It is headed by the dolçaina (an oboe-like instrument player) and the drummer, and made up of large costumed figures with papier maché heads, the clergy, local authorities, a music band, and all of the pilgrims. Upon arrival at the Ermita de San Vicente, a mass is held followed by a rural lunch which never fails to offer the traditional foods of this day, such as Spanish tortillas with beans or garlic shoots, Sant Vicent bread, cake topped with hard-boiled egg, lean meat, pine nuts and long pork sausages. After lunch, the music band livens up the morning with a selection of pasodobles and, at 13:00, the procession returns to L’Alcora.

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