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Rototom Sunsplash

For many days reggae music dominated the scene: concerts started at sunset, the Dancehall area would pack up with rhythm and dance, the Main Stage would welcome the most important reggae names around the world and in the meanwhile, the Lion Stage would give a chance to the best upcoming talents. 

Mornings and afternoons were dedicated to relax and social engagement. Debates, reggae and rasta meetings took place, as well as movie screenings, photo-exhibitions, percussion, African dance, capoeira, didjeridoo, meditation and alternative medicine classes.
A team of professional youth workers organised entertaining activities for the many children that fill the festival area every year, while the international cuisine and market stalls offered the visitors a very unique and multicolored setting 24 hours a day.
Through years, the cultural area of Sunsplash has turned into an authentic breeding ground of minds, able to detect the great shifts that European society has experienced in terms of civil rights, anti-racism, economic changes and more. 

Dates of Rototom Sunsplash 2019: August 16-22.

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