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La Passió

Torreblanca has deep routed theatrical tradition dating back to the beginning of the century. In 1978, a group of young people of the theatre club “Torreblanquins” joined efforts for making their dream come true: make Torreblanca have, as other Mediterranean towns did, “its own Passion”.

Released on April 12th, 1979, there is just one performance on Holy Thursday at 10 pm, in several natural outdoor stages. The dialogues are entirely in Valencian.

The performance owes to a hundred actors involved but also to a many anonymous collaborators, as well as local guilds, cultural associations, shops and companies of Torreblanca, and specially the City Council, that help with the assembly of stages and their economic contribution. That is the reason “La Passió” belongs to the whole town.
Regional Tourist Interest Festivity. 

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