Holy Week and Santa and Pascua Taurina

Onda celebrates these festivals in a very special way, following a trend that has been passed down from parents to their children, and instead of diminishing with the passage of time, is even more popular today. A large number of townspeople participate in the religious processions during Holy Week, dressed in the tunics of their respective brotherhoods, and bearing the pasos with the statues of their churches, with the deep sentiment of those who live and respect a centuries-old religious tradition.

But after the Holy Week, the solemnity gives way to festivity and the inhabitants of Onda enjoy themselves at the traditional fairs, with rockets that are fired as a sign of joy and the harmony of everybody eating monas or Easter cakes in the company of family and friends.
It is also during Holy Week, when the Pascua Taurina or Easter bullfights take place.

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