Neighbourhood festivals in Onda

Neighbourhood Festivals

The festive nature of Onda’s inhabitants is on display all throughout the year, thanks to a large number of festival activities organised by the different neighbourhood committees of the town. Thanks to this, from spring until autumn, there’s hardly a day when visitors can’t find an area in the town where they can enjoy bullfights, popular traditional fairs, communal dinners, etc., organised by each neighbourhood.

- Barrio de la Morería
The week after Easter, this neighbourhood hosts a feast dedicated to San Vicente Ferrer. Bullfights, traditional fairs, variety shows, communal dining and processions in honour of San Vicente Ferrer are some of the activities.

- Barrio Fernando Ferris
Held at the end of May. Bullfights, traditional fairs, variety shows, communal dining.

- Barrio “Camí Castelló”
Celebrated in the beginning of June with bullfights and traditional fairs.

- Barrio de San Juan
Celebrated in mid-June with bullfights and traditional fairs.

- Barrio de San Pedro
Celebrated at the end of June with variety shows, bull runs, toros embolados (bulls with flaming balls attached to their horns) and processions.

- Barrio Vila-Real: Celebrated in mid-May with bullfights and traditional fairs

- Barrio del “Castell”
Celebrated in mid-June with fireworks, animal shows, bullfights, minstrels, fancy dress and traditional fairs.

- Artesa
Celebrated at the end of July with the ringing of bells, competitions, traditional fairs, bullfights, cattle exhibitions, climb to Santa Bárbara and fireworks.

- Barrio de San Joaquín
Celebrated approximately at the end of August, with musical shows, bull runs and toros embolados.

- Barrio del Tossalet
Celebrated during the last week of August with communal dining, bull runs, toros embolados, musical and variety shows.

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