Easter Holy Week

Organised by the Guilds Association, Easter Holy Week in Almassora takes place with the traditional processions, in which silence is the main protagonist. However, on Resurrection Sunday at 9am, Almassora is a festival: music, fireworks, release of pigeons, etc.

On Maundy Thursday at midnight in the “vila” (old town) the Tambors de Passió is celebrated:

TAMBORS DE PASSIÓ has become, in its own right, the largest event in the Almassora Easter Holy Week. For an hour, drums and bass drums will not stop playing a single rhythm in unison, the TAMBORS DE PASSIÓ rhythm.

Each Maundy Thursday, when it nears midnight, hundreds of people go, in a constant trickle, to the Plaza Mayor. Drums and bass drums are expectantly shared between neighbours and visitors, ready to let themselves be carried away by such a sober and impacting act.

“Father, into your hands I commit my spirit...” and saying these words, Jesus breathed his last breath. And the Earth trembled... 23:59... Absolute and overwhelming silence... 00:00...Deafening noise... From nothing to everything... A unique show which is recreated year after year in our beloved Plaza Mayor de la Vila.

After a few minutes in the square, the drum procession starts through the main streets of the old town, until it returns once again to the Plaza Mayor.

Once the event has finished, the silence will once again take over the streets of Vila until the Holy Burial procession on Good Friday.

Tambors de Passió begins in the Vila Plaza Mayor and runs through the main streets of the old town of Almassora, C/ San Vicente, Pl de la Picaora, C/ Santa Quitéria, C/ Trinidad, C/ San Joaquín, Pl de la Iglesia, C/ Ntra. Sra. De la Luz, C/ San Vicente, C/ Virgen de los Dolores, Travesía E. Gimeno, and once again finishing the route in the Pl Mayor.

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