Santa Quiteria

A wide range of activities are held, from strictly religious ceremonies to sporting events, as well as children’s games, street parties, bull-running, and toros embolados, where people are chased through the streets by bulls with flaming torches attached to their horns.

The village people are open and friendly to visitors. If you go up to any of the groups of elderly people sunbathing in the square and ask them questions, you will have found the best tourist guides around. They will also captivate you with a whole life’s worth of stories, traditions, anecdotes and legends. Certain traditions and customs still live on, for example:

  • A Valencian version of Basque pelota, this is a very popular and widespread sport.
  • Espujás, which consists of cutting the kernels off of two corns on the cob, and whoever finds a red centre, instead of the usual white colour, has to do a forfeit chosen by the rest of the group.
  • El caco, a card game where you turn over cards and try to pick up your opponents.
  • Cazar ranas. This is a game to scare young ladies, and involves slipping frogs under their clothing when they are not looking.

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