Pilgrimage to the Sant Joan chapel

On Easter Monday the residents of Sarratella hold the pilgrimage to San Juan Nepomuceno. At nine in the morning the pilgrims start the route from the San Miguel church towards Albocacer along the Les Desveses way towards the Masia de Les Caçalades farmhouse. singing the “O vere manantiales”. The journey to reach the San Juan Nepomuceno chapel is approximately 40 or 50 minutes. the chapel is 969 m above sea level.

Upon reaching the chapel, tradition states that the “mona de pascua” cake is eaten. There is then a mass in honour of San Juan (Saint John). At the end of the mass, rolls are shared among the pilgrims and they return to the town.

The return trip is made via the Mas de Rasos cattle track until reaching the Selma farm, and the road is continued until the San Miguel Church, where the event comes to an end.

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