San Miguel Arcángel

Festivity that takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This consists in the realization of a pilgrimage to the hermitage of the same name where the patron saint of the town, San Miguel Arcángel, is venerated. In the hermitage, Mass is celebrated and a picnic is held, having great animation as the hermitage comes from the neighboring villages rosemary. In the esplanade that is in front of the hermitage a small flea market is established. When the pilgrims return to the town, the processó de les creus takes place, where the children take crosses made with heather. At night the processo dels borratxos takes place, in which at the height of the Roca Grossa, the meeting of the pilgrims accompanying the patron San Miguel and the brotherhood of the Christ of the Blood that goes out to receive them takes place, to continue in procession to the church. 

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